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Game Face: Lena Pollich has it

Massapequa's Lena Pollich shows off her game face

Massapequa's Lena Pollich shows off her game face and bright red contact lenses. (Nov. 11, 2012) (Credit: Stephen Haynes)

Dang skippy this photo deserved its own blog post!

That's Massapequa forward Lena Pollich after the Chiefs' 1-0 win over Port Washington on Sunday, which captured a fourth consecutive Nassau Class A title. Kristin Yevoli scored the goal, set up with a steal and pass from her best friend, Pollich. (You can read about that here.)

While doing interviews after the game, I noticed Pollich's abnormally red eyes. Either she hadn't slept in seven years or was transforming into a werewolf. Or, a less likely third possibility: she wears some cool contact lenses in games. To my surprise, it was the less likely third possibility.

Pollich said the contacts are designed specifically for sports and help cut down on glare from the sun. They would aslo serve well in any kind of blinking contest.

She's a mild-mannered, soft-spoken high school senior. But by our calculations - and we've done extensive studies - Pollich is 57.3% more intimidating with the contacts in. Notice the serious face, too. She means business!

Who remembers the old "Clear Eyes" commercials with Ben Stein? Huh, just me? I ain't that old. Anyway...

The unusual contacts reminded me of former Hauppauge lacrosse star Taylor Ranftle, who used to wear the "Wild Eyes" lenses in games.

Hauppauge's Jessica Venturino, left, and Taylor Ranftle, right

But, see, Ranftle smiling here reduces the intimidation level by 17%.

You want some actual field hockey news? Massapequa will face either Sachem East or Bay Shore in the Long Island final at 6 p.m. at Adelphi on Nov. 13.

* Props to Pollich for being willing to pose for this photo and talk about contact lenses during her team's post-game celebration.