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Is that her jersey, bruh?

L to R: Matt Liantonio, Gerry McAdams and

L to R: Matt Liantonio, Gerry McAdams and Steven Liantonio at Miller Place field hockey game. (Nov. 12, 2012) (Credit: Stephen Haynes)

In today’s installment of Tales from the Sideline, we highlight Miller Place student Gerry McAdams.

Spotted in the crowd at Sachem North during Miller Place’s county championship game against Rocky Point on Monday was a young man… ostensibly proud to be wearing what appeared to be a petite girl’s field hockey jersey.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that this young man was, in fact, proud to be wearing a petite girl’s field hockey jersey.

The red No. 3 Miller Place top belongs to Panthers star Heather Ercolano, who loaned it to McAdams, her boyfriend, before the game. Jamie Emma’s best friend, Riley, also was wearing her No. 4 away jersey. But, uhh, those two have similar builds.

“It’s definitely tight and it’s a little uncomfortable, especially now that it’s getting kind of cold,” McAdams said of the jersey. “But, hey, that’s dedication. And the fans love it, too.”

The fans – and some unknown reporter – got a nice laugh out of it.

McAdams and Ercolano have been dating for 3 ½ years (which is an eternity in high school time; congratulations are in order), thus, “I’ve become married to field hockey,” he said.

Miller Place, if you haven’t already heard or read, won the game 1-0, capturing its first Suffolk Class B title since 2005. They’ll face Manhasset in the Long Island Championship at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

“It really doesn’t fit him; it’s made for my body,” Ercolano said. “Hopefully he didn’t stretch it out because I’m gonna need it tomorrow.”

McAdams was at the game with his buddies Matthew and Steven Liantonio, who also have become field hockey enthusiasts.

“I love being a fan,” Matthew said. “I’ve been watching some great field hockey here for four years. We’ve got a great group of girls on this team; good athletes, good leadership. You couldn’t ask for a better team.”

Asked if Panthers coach Alana LaMorte had ever yelled at him, he said readily, “Of course. LaMorte is always so mean. We try to tell her to calm down, but…”

Then his brother, Steven, interjected with the line of the day: “You know, we’re the real coaches of the team. We send LaMorte tweets during the game with strategies and tell her what to do.”