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Laura's Playoff Predictions: Suffolk girls lacrosse

Babylon's Shelby Fredericks cuts right to begin a

Babylon's Shelby Fredericks cuts right to begin a drive from behind the goal against Shoreham's Samantha Higgins in the second half. (April 9, 2013) (Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan)

For the record, I’m really hesitant about doing this but…meh…why shouldn’t Suffolk get the same good stuff that Nassau does?

So here’s the deal (and I’m basically going to rip this off wholesale from what Stephen said): These picks are thoroughly objective. Just because I picked against your team doesn’t mean (a) I don’t like y’all (I’m having a blast this season, and all the girls are great) or (b) that I don’t think your team is any good. Obviously you have to be the best to get to this point and, in Suffolk, even more so than Nassau, the parity is insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of these are wrong. That said, I’ve gotten to see a number of teams this season and I think I have a decent handle of who brings what to the table. If y’all wanna use this as locker room motivation, feel free to getcha hate on. ;)

Agree? Disagree? Tweet me @AlbaneseLaura. Like Stephen said – creative (but clean) trash talk gets a retweet.

Suffolk Class A semifinals

No. 1 Bay Shore vs. No. 4 East Islip

East Islip is an explosive team with a hugely explosive player in Nicole Levy, but the Marauders backer defense is pretty much made for situations like these. They have the talent and ability to double- and triple-team her without exposing many weaknesses anywhere else. I expect a repeat of the first game between the two, where the Redmen’s Elizabeth Vetter had to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Cynthia Del Core and Kyra Harney are a phenomenal threat and Bay Shore’s pedigree (defending Long Island champs, anyone?) shows this team knows how to come up big when it counts.

Prediction: Bay Shore 11, East Islip 7

No. 3 Ward Melville vs. No. 7 Northport

Lawdy, this is a tough one. But I’m gonna do it. I’m going out on the limbiest of limbs. I think Northport is pulling out the upset. Recall that the Tigers were eliminated last year in East Islip’s upset win, and I think they learned a thing or two about a thing or two. Ward Melville is a strong team, but their penchant for close games may be their undoing. The Patriots only won by one goal in the first meeting. The difference here is that Northport is hot, and when Cortney Fortunato, Allie Pavinelli and Dorrien Van Dyke are firing on all cylinders? Duck. That said: Yeah. It’ll be close.

Prediction: Northport 13, Ward Melville 11

Class B semifinals

No. 1 Sayville vs. No. 4 Harborfields

The first game was a low-scoring affair and I do believe that Part Deux will be the same. That said, Sayville’s Taylor Mills and Olivia Russell have been on fiyah lately, and it’ll take Harborfields everything it has to clamp down on the duo. The question is whether the Tornadoes will have the fire-power left to fight back offensively.

Prediction: Sayville 9, Harborfields 7

No. 2 Eastport-South Manor vs. No. 3 Rocky Point

ESM thoroughly defeated Rocky Point the first time around, but it looks like Alyssa Milano wasn’t in the mix. With Milano very much a factor these days, expect a much closer contest. ESM has a stud goalie in Samantha Giacolone, a great defender in Rebecca Tooker, and a devastatingly tall Kristen Anderson on the draw. Rocky Point has genuinely tough girls in the dual Alyssas – Milano and Guido. That said, the nod goes to the defending champs.

Prediction: Eastport-South Manor 10, Rocky Point 6.

Class C semifinals

No. 1 Mount Sinai vs. No. 4 Bayport-Blue Point

Mount Sinai is just too tough, too athletic, too well-balanced and too difficult to beat. The offensive trio of Caroline Fitzgerald and Sydney and Shayna Pirreca is among the best in Long Island lacrosse. Julia Michaels is airtight in the cage. And whereas a lot of teams are top heavy, the lesser-known names on the Mustangs are solid, significant contributors. They defeated BBP 10-3 the first time.

Prediction: Mount Sinai 11, Bayport-Blue Point 5

No. 2 Shoreham-Wading River vs. No. 3 Babylon

The toughest match-up to call of them all. SWR won the regular-season game by just one goal, but the duo of Shelby Fredericks and Devyn Antolini is very difficult to contain. But, in the end, Shoreham is the defending state champion and I’ve seen first-hand how well this team’s conditioning and athleticism lends itself to difficult victories. Also, their final two regular-season games were against Bay Shore and Garden City. They ended the season on three games in three days. None of this is an accident. They. Are. Tough. (Also, Alyssa Pearce has been kinda awesome lately.)

Prediction: Shoreham-Wading River 9, Babylon 8


Onward to the FINALS!

Class A

Bay Shore vs. Northport

This is where the Northport magic ends. Bay Shore’s only loss this season was in a game where they were up to three girls down. And they STILL almost pull out the upset. The Marauders have proven time and time again that their well-balanced attack that manages to succeed even if one of its players isn’t performing. Even more than that, the Tigers had fits with Bay Shore’s defense the first time around. However, it’ll likely be a little more of a contest than the 10-point victory in April.

Prediction: Bay Shore 17, Northport 13

Class B

Sayville vs. Eastport-South Manor

The one seed falls. But just barely. ESM beat Sayville in a come-from-behind victory the first time around, and there’s no reason it won’t happen again. The Sharks have two very important components: a great girl on the draw and an airtight goalie who, last year, defined clutch. Samantha Giacolone turned it on in the post-season last year and really made her name as one of the premier goalies in Suffolk. This could go either way, but give credit to the defending champs.

Prediction: Eastport-South Manor 10, Sayville 9

Class C

Mount Sinai vs. Shoreham-Wading River

Never bet against Shoreham in the playoffs.  Which is exactly why what I’m about to do has a solid chance of blowing up in my face. Mount Sinai (see above: “too good”) keeps the ball rolling and dethrones the Wildcats in a game I really, really, really want to see in person. The Mustangs’ first win against Shoreham was pretty lopsided. Don’t expect a repeat. In fact, if Shoreham is within one with more than a minute left, all bets are off.

Prediction: Mount Sinai 13, Shoreham-Wading River 11.

Me and Stephen will be parsing and predicting the Long Island championships after the county playoffs. Stay tuned!