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Laxin' & Relaxin': Morgan Jaycox

St. John the Baptist's Morgan Jaycox (April 8,

St. John the Baptist's Morgan Jaycox (April 8, 2013) (Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

In this week's player profile post, we present....

                  St. John the Baptist midfielder/attack Morgan Jaycox

The junior has helped lead her team to back-to-back CHSAA Class AA semifinals appearances and has been among Long Island’s top scorers. Last season, Jaycox racked up 106 points (55 goals, 51 assists) and, along with Kaitlyn Montalbano and Jill May, gave the Cougars’ offense a triple threat triumvirate. Came up with that nickname just now. Feel free to run with it.

With her success, Jaycox has effectively taken the baton from her older sister, Danielle, who was a former All-Long Islander and the program’s all-time leading scorer. (Danielle, by the way, is a sophomore starter for the 12-0 Adelphi women’s lacrosse team.)

The No. 4 jersey has significance in your family because your aunt Laura, a former athlete who passed away, wore it. Danielle wore it at St. John the Baptist and now you do. Did you know you were going to switch to No. 4 after she graduated?  “Yes. The number 4 runs in the family and I knew that when my sister graduated I would follow in her footsteps and take the number.”

You and Kaitlyn Montalbano seem to be pretty superstitious. Do you or your teammates have stuff that you always do before or during games? “Before every game, I hit the sticks of all the starting players and make sure Kaitlyn is last. We hit each other’s sticks two times and then pat each other on the back.”

Who are your three best friends on the team? “Faith Daley, Sarah Bennett and Kaitlyn Montalbano.”

Who’s your funniest teammate? “The funniest person on the team is probably Kaitlyn. She is always messing around and making jokes about everyone.”

Morgan, as a freshman, assisted Danielle’s 250th career goal in 2011. How well do you remember the pass and what did it mean to you to be involved in her reaching that milestone? “I have learned a lot from my sister, so assisting her 250th goal was a very exciting moment. Watching my sister accomplish her goals was fun, but the fact that I got to directly be part of helping her achieve one of her goals made it even more fulfilling.”

If you could have three dinner guests - it could be anyone, real or fictional - who would they be? “I would like to have dinner with Lauren Conrad, Chris Brown and Channing Tatum.”

Favorite TV shows: “Vampire Diaries, Scandal and Revenge.”

What song gets you most pumped up before a game? “The song that pumps me up is ‘Sweet Nothing’ by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch.”

Favorite movie? “Bridesmaids.”

What do you enjoy doing off the lacrosse field? “Some of my other hobbies are hanging out with family and friends, going to the beach and listening to music.”

If you ruled the world for one day, what's the first thing you would try to do? “If I could rule the world for one day, the first thing I would do is make world peace.”

Favorite song on your iPod? And what song do you like that you're not exactly proud of? “My favorite song on my iPod right now is probably ‘Clarity’ by Zedd. The song that I'm not proud of that I like is probably ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls.”

(Note: I can’t even laugh too much about the Spice Girls. I was in fourth or fifth grade when “Wannabe” blew up and it was catchy. If memory serves, the hottest song before that was “Macarena,” so this was sort of an upgrade. And any guy who says he didn’t have a crush on at least one Spice Girl back then is lying.)