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Manager shout-out: Alanna Gordon & Helena Pearlmutter

Roslyn's Helena Pearlmutter and Freeport's Alanna Gordon (April

Roslyn's Helena Pearlmutter and Freeport's Alanna Gordon (April 17, 2013) (Credit: Stephen Haynes)

And it’s the return of the “Manager shout-out” posts. During Wednesday’s Freeport vs. Roslyn girls lacrosse game, I was compelled to bring it back and give kudus to Alanna Gordon and Helena Pearlmutter.

Those two, players out with injuries, did the scorebooks for their respective teams and were very helpful and pleasant.

If you’re unfamiliar or don’t remember the manager shout-outs from last season, check out this and this and this. Got a manager you want mentioned? Feel free to email or tweet me @StephenHaynes4.

Gordon is a low attack for Freeport, but she’s out for the season with a torn hip labrum – ouch – hence the role as manager. The junior also is a ballet dancer and said the injury was initially sustained there, but was exacerbated two weeks into the lacrosse season.

“It is a little difficult [watching from the sideline] because I always want to play and get better,” she said, “but I have to heal up first before any of that. After physical therapy, and hopefully no surgery, I should be back for next year.”

Gordon, who threatened before the game to not allow me to see the stats, really came through with the birthday tidbit on Aysha Harris. (And she was only joking about the “not gonna help you” thing.)

It’s weird, but I’m always kind of intrigued by the interaction of the managers; how easily they work together and how, so often, it seems they become friends within minutes. That was the case again Wednesday.

“She was really nice and friendly,” Gordon said of Pearlmutter.  “She gave me everything I needed in terms of the names and stats, and she was cool.”

Pearlmutter, a sophomore attack, is out with a concussion suffered last Friday. She said it wasn’t severe and expects to be back at some point next week, so the manager stint will perhaps be very brief.

Not bad for a rookie, though. She was quick in identifying who had the assists – even on plays in traffic – which is great, because I’m old and the vision isn’t what it used to be. Pearlmutter’s penmanship was solid, too.

Asked if it felt awkward not being on the field, she said, “Not really. I still feel involved because I’m here with them, and it’s fun to cheer my team on.”

She got to cheer for a 14-12 win, after the Bulldogs rallied from down 5-1 and took the lead for good with 6:15 remaining.

“It was a great, exciting game,” she said. “They really came together and got it done when they had to. And we don’t have practice on Saturday because of this.”

In closing: Your efforts are really appreciated, and we thank you!