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Player Profile: Alice Coughlin

Manhasset defender Alice Coughlin (April 6, 2013)

Manhasset defender Alice Coughlin (April 6, 2013) (Credit: Stephen Haynes)

We’re gonna try a couple new things this season to add some more flavor to the blog. One of the new additions will be the Player Profile posts. These will be Q&A style write-ups for the purpose of getting a quick glimpse at the people behind the goggles (and goalie masks).

I will readily admit that this idea was stolen from Mike Gavin’s softball blog. But, hey, since softball had it, we definitely needed a lax edition.

If you’re interested in participating in one of these or have a teammate/friend you want to suggest, g’head and e-mail us or contact us on Twitter: @StephenHaynes4 and @AlbaneseLaura.

And first up is Manhasset’s Alice Coughlin, whom I caught up with after the Indians’ 14-7 win over Chatham on Saturday.

Alice Coughlin

School/Team: Manhasset
Position: Defense
Grade: Senior

Herself in her own words: “I like to keep everyone motivated and fired up. I get everyone ready, but still keep the mood light. Even though I’m not a starter, I try to do everything I can to help the team off the field, whether it’s saying something motivational or dancing to the pump-up music to keep the mood light.”

Best friends on the team: "Kate Conway, Sarah Barcia, Maddy Molinari… and Emily Markham."

What’s playing in your iPod? "I’ve been doing a lot of Pandora stations lately, so some Beatles and Mumford & Sons."

Most embarrassing song in the mix: It’s one of the most embarrassing but also one of the most played, and that would be “Ice Ice Baby.” It’s a great song and I know all the words to it.

Favorite pre-game song: “I’m Different” [by 2 Chainz]

If you could have three dinners guests – real or fictional, dead or alive – who would they be? “I would love to talk to Barack Obama and I love Eli Manning. I’ve got a poster of him on my wall, so he’d definitely be one of the guests. And I’m a fan of Jennifer Garner.”

(Emily Markham, in the background, said “Clay Matthews!” Apparently, the Packers star linebacker is popular among the ladies.)

How would the conversation go with that group? “It would be interesting. A lot of different things discussed. But I’d try to lead the convo and keep everything light.”

Any pre-game ritual? “It’s probably the pasta parties. We get in the cars and race to the pasta party so we can get the best food. Last night it was [sophomore] Sarah Phillips hosting and we had some delicious meatballs. Good stuff.”

Favorite TV show: “I love ‘The Office.’ I love Jim and Dwight.”

Favorite movie? “Probably ‘The Parent Trap’ with Lindsay Lohan, back when she was little. And I love British romantic comedies so ‘Notting Hill’ is up there, too.”  

If you were the coach for a day, what would you do differently? “Danielle [Gallagher] is great and I love what she does with our team, so I can’t think of anything I’d change. Honestly, if I took over the team, even for a day, there would probably be anarchy.”

(Writer's note: Good thinking, Coughlin. That's the perfect, "Uh-uh, I'm not gonna get in trouble" answer.)

What do you love most about lacrosse? “I started playing in third grade and stayed with it because I loved playing a sport and being around my friends. I liked that, for me, it combined the social aspect as well as the competition.”

* Shout-out to Michelle Bruno for nominating Coughlin for the inaugural “Player Profile” post. Bruno is a member of the field hockey team and one of lacrosse scorekeepers. And congratulations on your college acceptance.