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Postgame: St. John the Baptist's win over Kellenberg

St John the Baptist's Sofia Evangelista delivers a

St John the Baptist's Sofia Evangelista delivers a strike against Kellenberg. (April 19, 2013) (Credit: Alan J Schaefer)

If you haven’t heard by now, St. John the Baptist had a dramatic, steak snappin’ 2-1 win over Kellenberg on Friday. It was a playoff atmosphere and also the best played game I’ve seen so far this season, on both sides. Couldn’t fit all of the postgame reaction in the story itself, so we’ll post it here for your viewing pleasure…


On the loss: “St. John’splayed a great game. Their pitcher executed. We hit a little tough luck. They had a great sixth inning, they scored a couple runs there. We rallied in the last inning, its’ just they’re a good team. Last year we got away with murder at times. There was a game we won out here 1-0, today we lost 2-1. It’s the nature of the game.

“Sometimes luck goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t. They executed, we could have executed a little better offensively and we knew that. This motivates them to continue working hard in practice. It’s one game, that’s the way we look at it.”

On if the streak being over could be a weight off the players’ shoulders: “You’d have to ask each one individually. I can tell you it’s a little weight off my shoulders. As far as them, I think they really held in dear, and they’re confident in themselves and they enjoyed winning but I don’t think it’s a big swing either way.”


On the win: “I’m in shock. It feels unbelievable.  We played hard, we stuck to it and we kept our heads in the game and things can happen when you do that.”

On pitching with the bases loaded in the seventh inning: “I was just staring at the catchers mitt. Just thinking that I have to throw strikes and that’s really it. I was just happy to be in that spot, I love being in those positions and I just wanted to get it done.”

On Quatrale’s catch: “That should be on Sportscenter. That was a great catch from our amazing shortstop. We expect that from her. She’s great.”


On her catch: “They always say dive for everything. I have never dove and caught a ball before so it was kind of new.  I had to look in my glove to make sure I caught it.”

On beating Kellenberg: “We’ve been waiting to do this for so long, we wanted to be the team to do it.”

On what the win says about St. Johnthe Baptist: “It says that we can go all the way.”

On her game tying hit: “I knew she was throwing a lot of first pitch strikes so I was just looking for one to hit. She threw it right over so I just drove it the other way.”


On her reaction to seeing her hit land fair: “I was so happy because that was my goal. I’ve been wanting a game winning hit all season.”

On her mindset at the plate before her go-ahead hit: “It is definitely a position that every softball player wants to be in. You want to be the one that helps your team out and gets the win. As I was up there I was thinking, ‘you gotta get it done for your team. Do it for everybody.’ I was saying, ‘Discipline, discipline.’ You have to keep your head strong and see where the pitch is, don’t get over anxious and just do what you do.”

On beating Kellenberg: “We’ve been working for this for a long time, so it feels good to knock them off.”

On what the win says about St. Johnthe Baptist: “We are strong. We will come back from anything. We can really step up to the plate when the time comes.”

On how the team will celebrate the win: “I think we’re going to IHOP tomorrow morning for breakfast…so I’m looking forward to some pancakes.”


On the win: “We’ve kind of talked all season about execution and about making sure that we made the big plays when they needed to be made. Honestly their defense today is what kept them in the game. Our pitcher Sofiahas been ill for a few week, battling a little bit of mono, and today was the first game she’s pitched complete and her defense did nothing but back her up. That was huge, especially against a team like this. They’re scrappy, they make plays happen and they put the ball on the ground. Our defense played phenomenally. Offensively, we didn’t have a great day at the plate but we made those little plays happen, we put the ball in play and made them make plays and that was the difference I think.”

On how excited her team was for the game: “We always prep big time for games like St. Anthony’s and Kellenberg because we know those are the teams we are going to see in the postseason. This game in particular was always big for us because there’s one of two ways we play Kellenberg, we either play them huge or they steamroll us.  Today they were so ready to play and to win that it was evident in the game they played.”

On Hoffmann’s hit: “In that situation, especially in a pressure situation when you know the game is tied 1-1, the weight of wanting to be the hero in that situation can sometimes make you take big swings and not make anything happen. I think she just knew that she needed to put the ball in play and that’s what she did and that was the difference.”

On Quatrle’s catch: “That’s one of the things that Emily and my second baseman Kara are very good at, they’re good at going to the hole. I think Emily just knew that she needed to keep the defense in the game and I think she knew she needed to get that out and she was going to do anything she could to get there. One of the best plays I’ve ever seen her make in four years.”

On how the team will celebrate the win: “We’re going to relax this weekend. We’re going to process the fact that we’ve done what we’ve done here and we got to look forward to next week. We have St. Anthony’s coming up and being that we lost to them first game to start the season, we gotta take this momentum from today and into that next game.”

On what the win says about St. Johnthe Baptist: “Something myself and our coaching staff has always know…This team has the capability of playing with the best of the best and winning. This game today proved that to them and showed their potential. That all their preparation, all of their hard work, all of their discipline paid off.”