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Throwback Thursday: Softball Edition

The 2005 10U Babe Ruth Mid-Atlantic champions

The 2005 10U Babe Ruth Mid-Atlantic champions

Get ready to have an “Awwww, look how cute!” moment.

Introducing the first ever softball edition of Throwback Thursday. An old school photo recently made its way to me and I figured I’d share it with the softball community.  We are going back to 2005 with the 10U Babe Ruth Mid-Atlantic champions, a team that featured quite a few All-Long Island players, some current and some who have moved on to college. Click HERE to view the picture more clearly and see if you can recognize the players without peeking at the answers below.

If you have an old-school softball photo you’d like to have posted for Throwback Thursday, contact me via e-mail at Michael.gavin@newsday.com or on Twitter at @mgavinjr.

Time to reveal the identities of some of those pictured above. I apologize in advance to anyone I don't recognize. 

Top row: second from left, Taylor Rosenthal (Division); third from left, Amanda Crimarco (Kellenberg); fourth from left, Kristen Brown (MacArthur/North Carolina); sixth from left, Kat Zabielski (Farmingdale/Stony Brook).

Bottom row:  first from left, Cheryl White (Division); third from left, Tori Tedeschi (Island Trees); fourth from left, Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons (MacArthur); last on the right, Jena Cozza (MacArthur).