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Suozzi and the turnout challenge: Getting the 'base' to march

Thomas Suozzi during his first 100 days in

Thomas Suozzi during his first 100 days in office. Some days are better than others. (Credit: Newsday / Dick Yarwood)

Today in the Times, Sam Roberts describes how Republican (more or less) Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going all-out after two terms to turn his potential supporters into actual voters. Incumbent Democrat Thomas Suozzi faces the same kind of challenge going into Tuesday's election against GOP challenger, Legis. Edward Mangano. While Suozzi, though favored to win in surveys given his incumbent's advantages, drives for as fat a margin of victory as possible, there are those in his sphere of alliance who are concerned that a low turnout could turn things volatile. Low turnout, at least in the abstract, might not mean voter apathy as much as voter alienation from two-party arrangements. Bloomberg can send limos to get folks to the polls (and then maybe take them to Atlantic City if he so chooses). Suozzi, however, has a Democratic Party to help him and legislative allies, though the G.O.P. still has a substantial local organization.

Last night, some Conservatives on the county executive board used official motions, which were defeated, to again express their displeasure over Suozzi governmental appointee and county chairman Roger Bogsted and his support for fellow Suozzi governmental appointee Steve Hansen as the third party's stalking-horse nominee against the county executive.




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