Mitch Freedman - Newsday

Mitch Freedman

A reporter at Newsday for nearly 40 years, Freedman currently runs the East End bureau. Freedman has covered stories ranging from the political scandals in Brookhaven to the growth of Stony Brook University and the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. This is the third time in his career at Newsday he has been assigned to the East End and, over the years, his stories have shown how the area has kept its own unique identity, even as it has grown along with the rest of Long Island. Before coming to Newsday, he worked on the now-defunct daily Long Island Press. His first job after leaving Hofstra College was on the Delaware State News, and he did some radio work and worked for two weekly newspapers as well. Freedman and his wife live in Smithtown. They have three grown children.

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