Memories of Larry Stack

FDNY's Lawrence Stack, who perished on 9/11, is remembered by his wife and sons, who followed their dad into the profession as firefighters. Videojournalist: Mike Roy (Sept. 8, 2011)

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Many lives changed forever

As the years go by, I constantly reflect on the many memories I have of Larry and Teri, a girlfriend of mine since high school. Larry nicknamed Ter "Queenie", which always makes me giggle. They were a special couple.

I think back to their wedding day, a great costume party one Halloween when Larry was dressed as a female, and that week before 9/11 when we were all at their house partying and discussing the possibility of Larry's up and coming retirement.

Who knew that in a week, so many lives would be changed forever.

Larry will always remain close to my heart and in my prayers. As with all his friends, we miss him dearly.

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Sue Koch, Glen Head