Actor Stephen Baldwin appears in court for tax evasion

Baldwin must pay another $200,000 by March 2014 or face possible jail time.

YONKERS - Actor Stephen Baldwin appeared in Rockland County Court today to pay off a quarter of the $400,000 he owes the state in back taxes.

The actor, who resides in Upper Grandview, appeared at the courthouse in New City to hand the judge a check for $100,000.

Baldwin admitted to not paying state taxes from 2008 to 2010 and then handed over $100,000. If he pays it all back by March 2014, under his plea deal, his record will be wiped clean.

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Baldwin says he has been a changed man since he struck the plea deal. He says he will not have any issues paying the rest off, due in part to a new movie that hit theaters today, "I'm in Love With a Church Girl."

Baldwin is due back in court Jan. 10. If the remaining $200,000 is not paid by the deadline, Baldwin could potentially face jail time. 

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