NEW YORK - Closing arguments were delivered today in the corruption trial of former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi.

Before closing arguments began, the attorneys for both Annabi and her political mentor, Zehy Jereis, made motions for a dismissal, which the judge denied. Annabi is accused of taking $174,000 worth of gifts and payments from Jereis as part of a scheme to buy her vote on two development deals in the city.

In the prosecution's closing statement, assistant U.S. Attorney Perry Carbone told the jury, "We're not here because a friend gave a friend a few gifts." He said the evidence shows both Annabi and Jereis used the Yonkers City Council and their own political power to enrich themselves.

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Annabi's attorney, William Aronwald, urged the jury to go over every bit of evidence - from testimony transcripts to videotapes and documents. The defense says there were never any concealed payments and that Jereis' payments to Annabi were given out of love.

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