NEW YORK - Sandy Annabi's political mentor and co-defendant was cross-examined today in their corruption trial in Manhattan.

Zehy Jereis is accused of giving the former Yonkers city councilwoman $174,000 worth of gifts and payments as part of a scheme to bribe Annabi for her vote on two development deals in the city.

The prosecution reminded the jury that although Jereis is testifying under oath in this trial, he has lied under penalty of perjury in the past.

The prosecution began its cross-examination by pointing out some of Jereis ' past legal troubles, specifically having to do with making false statements. Back in 1998, Jereis was found guilty of election misconduct for a sworn statement saying he had witnessed voters signing a petition when he actually had not.

Prosecutors then asked about a notary public application in 2000 in which Jereis checked the no box for the question; "Have you ever been convicted of a crime." Jereis testified that was an oversight.

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Jereis denies receiving or passing any bribe money to Annabi, contradicting the prosecution's star witness Anthony Mangone, who claimed he met with Jereis and paid thousands of dollars for Annabi's vote on the Longfellow development project. Jereis told jurors that the meeting never happened.

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