Let's start this story with "The End" -- as in The Beatles song the Bellport High School Jazz-Rock Ensemble recorded in 1971. That cover and another off a vanity-pressed LP at the time -- a version of "Reach Out I'll Be There" -- recently got airplay on offbeat New Jersey radio station WFMU / 91.1 FM (90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley), which also streams online.

"It's a tour de force," says Monica Lynch, the DJ who found the band's vinyl at the station's record fair in Manhattan, says in an interview after sharing a listen to the Four Tops tune. "Obviously we're talking about a budget recording, so everything sounds a bit condensed. But there's a lot of heart in it, and they're experimenting, and it sounds really great."

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Thanks to the blog Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage (vinylorphanage.com), all three albums recorded by the high school's extracurricular club -- now known as the jazz ensemble -- can be downloaded online (cover art included).

"To think a radio station would be playing music a high school group did 40 years after the fact is great," says Mark Sands, 59, who played drums and sang on the first album. Now a music teacher and musician living in Norwich, N.Y., he adds, "but it's also kind of outrageous."