THE BRONX - A South Bronx organization wants the South Bronx Waterway to be used again.

The 134th Street gantries at Port Morris were once used to transport goods and connect the Bronx to other boroughs. They are now falling apart, the siding is loose and the building that was once used as a terminal is abandoned.

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Most recently the ferry stop was a police marina, but it's been idle for over a decade. Friends of Brook Park want the gantries to be preserved and transformed into an environmental and educational center for the South Bronx community.

They also want it to be used as a green space and opportunity for students to learn about green jobs.

Organization Director Harry Bubbins says the historic district's council has been selected as one of the "six to save" in the city and they've received support by city officials.

Bubbins says the project would cost about $2 million but could be a spark to revitalize the South Bronx Waterfront.

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For extended interview with the director of Friends of Brook Park, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.