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Kids' Scholastic Vote: The winner is Obama

Kids can vote for president this year! That

Kids can vote for president this year! That is, if they do it online at scholastic.com/vote or using paper ballots in the fall issues of Scholastic classroom magazines. (Credit: Handout)

Drumroll, please: The results of the Scholastic Student Vote are in! The student vote has been accurate in predicting the outcome of the general election in all but two presidential races since 1940.The winner this year: President Barack Obama, with a 6-percent lead over challenger Mitt Romney.

Nearly a quarter of a million students across the country cast ballots at scholastic.com/election or by mail in paper ballots found in Scholastic classroom magazines. The results showed 51 percent for Obama, 45 percent for Romney and 4 percent for other. Students who voted for “other” wrote in Republicans such as Ron Paul and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Some wanted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; other kids actually wrote in “my mom” or “my dad.”

In New York, the vote was 63 percent for Obama, 34 percent Romney and 3 percent other. For more information on the results, visit www.scholastic.com/vote.

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, a team of more than 50 student reporters ages 10 to 14, will continue to cover the campaign and election at the Scholastic 2012 Election site.

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