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In Brookhaven, a surprise response was in the mail

Rocky Point activist Patrick DeBernardi wrote an-email to Brookhaven town board member Jane Bonner about a proposed town corridor study.

A response came -- but to DeBernardi's surprise, it was from Richard Amper, executive director of the Long Island Pine Barrens Society.

Amper said he is not “ghostwriting” Bonner’s constituent mail, but the councilwoman asked him to review a letter she was sending to DeBernardi and make suggestions about how to “objectively explain” what corridor studies should entail.

By mistake, Amper said the e-mail went directly to DeBarnardi instead of back to Bonner.

Amper said he added two sentences to the four-paragraph letter, plus the closing “Love & kisses” -- since Bonner included no saluation.

Amper made no apologies for his involvement, saying his political action committee, Environmental Voter Forum, has endorsed Bonner and made her contest a “high priority” and he is actively involved in polling and designing her campaign material.

Democratic contender John Leonard called Amper’s involvement “inappropriate,” noting “I answer constituent questions for the supervisor [Mark Lesko] and I would never go to outside special interests for an answer.”

Bonner called the incident “much ado aobut nothing” and said it is a sign of “the desperation of my opponent.”

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