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Sen. C. Johnson pushes on gay nups, has company in cig-tax war

Sen. Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington) merits mention in two high-profile issue battles in the Legislature.

One is gay marriage. On Oct. 20, Johnson told the Senate's Democratic conference leader, John Sampson (D-Brooklyn) that the matter should be brought to a floor vote soon -- as Gov. David A. Paterson and supporters of the change urge. "I make this request," Johnson said, "because i strongly believe it is wrong for this state to deny the same joys I experience as a husband and fatther to a significant number of New York State residents....The recent birth of my third child, and first daughter Lucy, has reinforced my belie that we cannot and must not delai action about granting this human right to a segment of our citizenry."

He also cites a case considered by the state's highest court on whether out-of-state gay marriages should be recognized here. "The issue would be moot if the Senate passes marriage equality," Johnson wrote.

On a separate conflict: Last week we reported here that Johnson was one of three Senate Democrats politically targeted by the Seneca nation in Western New York for his criticism of the state for failing to collect cigarette taxes on sales from indian reservation. An update: After Johnson conducted his scheduled hearing on the matter, the Senecas denounced three Republicans as rigorously as they had the three Democrats -- for purportedly opposing the nation's interests. As Tom Precious reports in the Buffalo News, the added targets are Michael Nozzolio and George Winner of upstate and Martin Golden of Brooklyn. Full story is here.


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