NEWARK - A Newark boarding home where dozens of mentally and physically challenged adults lived in squalor has been shut down by the city.

State Sen. Richard Codey and Mayor Luis Quintana dropped by the 102 Third Ave. home unannounced Thursday with city code enforcement officers. They found health and electrical code violations, even though state inspectors gave the same facility a clean bill of health on March 12.

Codey says he was appalled at what he found there. "This was all filthy," Codey says. "There's no soap. There's no towels. Just a lot of garbage... We knew this place was a hell hole, and we were right when we went in."

Officials found bed bugs, rodents, unlocked medicine cabinets and residents who slept in their clothes, un-showered for days or weeks. 

The home was also overrun with cats and had an overwhelming stench of urine.

"There should be crime scene tape around here," Codey says. "A crime was committed here on these people."

Codey says he will talk to prosecutors next week about potential criminal charges against the owner of the building.
Meanwhile, the mayor has a promise for the other 12 boarding homes in Newark. "We're going to go everywhere," Quintana says. "We're not telling where we're going. We're gonna go."

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A message left for the owner of the boarding home has not been returned.