TRENTON - The joint legislative committee investigating the Bridge-Gate scandal has ruled on objections to subpoenas from two of Gov. Chris Christie's closest aides.

Committee members met behind closed doors for two hours before ruling that the objections of former aide Bridget Anne Kelly and former campaign manager Bill Stepien were considered, but are invalid.

The group is investigating the blocking of lanes near the George Washington Bridge in September.

The ruling serves as a warning to all those subpoenaed against refusing to cooperate.

Several motions were passed, including one allowing the committee's lawyer to set a final date by which Kelly and Stepien should supply all of their subpoenaed documents or face legal action from the committee.

Eight Democrats passed the bill. All four Republicans refused to vote.   

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The committee also announced that at least a dozen more subpoenas would be issued Tuesday.

A total of 20 people and organizations close to Gov. Chris Christie had been asked to return subpoenaed documents by a Feb. 3 deadline.