Orange County's historic 1841 courthouse and annex in Goshen remained closed Friday after the county historian's office was vandalized and burglarized Thursday night, authorities said Friday.

"It was a crime of opportunity and we have not yet concluded taking the inventory to find out what was taken," Orysia Dmytrenko, a spokeswoman for the county, said.

County historian Cornelia Bush showed up for work Friday morning and found the lights on and papers scattered in the courthouse and called 911 about 7:03 a.m., Dmytrenko said.

"Her office is in the courthouse and I believe that is where she noticed things amiss," Dmytrenko said.

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Orange County sheriff's deputies are investigating at the scene, she said.

The 1841 Courthouse, at 101 Main St. and the annex, at 99 Main St., will remain closed for the day, leaving the public with no access to the offices of the county historian, consumer affairs and water authority, the county said in a news release.