Cablevision Systems Corp. on Tuesday said it will add the Cooking Channel and the DIY Network  to its Optimum TV lineup by May 22. Both networks are owned by Knoxville, Tenn.- based Scripps Network Interactive, known for its flagship channels HGTV, The Food Network and The Travel Channel.

The Cooking Channel, which will air on Channel 166, runs how-to programming about cooking and food while the DIY Network, which will air on Channel 167, applies the same formula to home improvement with a slate of instructional programs geared toward house and garden projects.

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Both channels will be available in standard and high definition.

“We believe that Cooking Channel and DIY Network will be very popular among our customers, who will also be able to access this programming anywhere in the home using the Optimum App and on the go with TV to Go,” Cablevision senior vice president Bradley Feldman said in a statement. Cablevision owns Newsday.

The news comes four years after a contract dispute between Scripps and Cablevision resulted in HGTV and Food Network going dark. The blackout lasted for three weeks before the companies settled.