A lot has been written about the economic tragedy in Greece, of a country swirling around the drain of bankruptcy and having to scare up loans to keep itself going. But what possibly hasn’t been considered is how that far-away drama affects Long Island.

Well, the Greek crisis has battered the stock market (today was an especially bad day), and that makes the problem universal in a way.  “This issue affects everyone,” said Mitchell Goldberg, president of ClientFirst Strategy Inc., a Woodbury investment firm.

But in particular, he said,   "The high net-worth Long Islanders who just started to see their stock market wealth go up may again hold back on spending.”

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And the effects could get worse, he said. “Banks start hoarding cash, a major trading partner is hampered, and the term ‘double-dip recession’ takes hold,” he said.

An economic reminder a la John Donne.