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New Pall product tests for bacteria in beer

GeneDisc Plate for beer-spoilage bacteria.

GeneDisc Plate for beer-spoilage bacteria. (Credit: Handout)

Pall Corp., the Port Washington-based maker of filtration devices, is introducing a new product to their GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System that tests for bacteria in beer.

The product will allow brewers to test for bacteria and other microorganisms that might spoil beer, and can yield results in one hour.

“The new GeneDisc system offers breweries an extremely easy-to-use and rapid test method to better ensure that products at every stage of the production process are free of spoilage organisms,” said Jonathan Pratt, president of food and beverage at Pall.

Pall will present their product at the World Brewing Congress in Portland, Ore. this weekend.

Last year, Pall's GeneDisc System released a product that assisted European countries with testing food product for E. coli when there was an outbreak of the bacteria within Europe's food industry.

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