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Pall's new filters protect helicopter engines

AS350 Squirrel helicopter, to be supplied with a

AS350 Squirrel helicopter, to be supplied with a Pall Corp. filter. (Credit: Handout)

Pall Corp., the Port Washington filtration maker, said it has signed an agreement with Dart Aerospace Ltd. to develop new upgrades for a helicopter engine protection system.

The system operates under extreme conditions, such as desert landings or flights in icy temperatures, to prevent debris and grit from damaging engines.

The two companies will team up to redesign Pall's Centrisep EAPS (engine advance protection system) to align it with the needs of Dart's aircraft models beginning with the AS350 Squirrel helicopter. Dart is based in Canada.

"We're excited about our first Squirrel helicopter project with Dart and about expanding our collaboration to improve engine protection and safety for many other aircraft," Jim Western, president of Pall's aerospace unit, said in a Wednesday release.

On the latest Centrisep designs, a secondary filter screen prevents damage from foreign objects even when the engine cover is open, the company said.

Pall-made equipment filters drinking water, food, beverage, chemical, oil, gas, power and semiconductor production.

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