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Poll: Do you still use a Rolodex?

They may seem quaint in a day of

They may seem quaint in a day of smartphones and quick connections, but is there a place for the Rolodex? (Credit: Handout)

Once upon a time, most business people had a Rolodex on their desk.  For the youngsters out there, that meant they kept contacts' names and phone numbers on little cards that snapped in and out of this  rotating file device (the name is a combination of rolling and index). Some users avoided the effort of writing by taping the contact's business cards directly to the Rolodex index card.

But today, in the digital age, is the Rolodex a thing of the past? Do you keep all your contacts on a computer, smartphone or tablet, or do you still depend on paper?

Vote and leave a comment.  Results and a selection of comments will be published in next Sunday's paper.

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Do you still have a Rolodex?

Yes No What's a Rolodex?

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