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Poll: What's the job market like now?

A job seeker speaks with a recruiter during

(Credit: Bloomberg News, 2012)

On Long Island and around the country, statistics suggest the job market is improving.  Job creation numbers are up, and unemployment is down.  But those measures have their limitations.  For example, the unemployment number only counts people who are actively looking for work, not those who have become discouraged and stopped trying.

What's the reality on the ground? How does...

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Poll: What's your personal finance resolution?

What's your top personal finance resolution for 2014?

(Credit: AP)

Every year around this time, folks make New Year's resolutions. They resolve to exercise more, lose weight, finally learn to play the banjo. But what about personal finance resolutions?

What do you resolve to do in 2014 to improve your personal financial situation? Vote and leave a comment; results and a selection of comments will appear in the Sunday business section on Jan. 5....

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Poll: How will LI's economy do in 2014?

It's widely hoped that Long Island's economy will

(Credit: iStock)

The Long Island economy continues to show slow signs of recovery: job creation is up, unemployment is down, and fewer homeowners are underwater on their loans. But the recovery has been uneven, and many individuals and companies on Long Island are still feeling the effects of the recession, and that of superstorm Sandy.

How do you think the Island's economy will do in the coming year? Vote...

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Poll: Are tax breaks for companies worth it?

Is it worth it to give private companies

(Credit: iStock)

On Long Island, it's a frequent scenario: A private company threatens to move, or says it can't expand without government help.  So a county or town Industrial Development Agency grants breaks on property taxes and/or sales taxes to convince the company to stay or expand, thereby preserving or creating jobs on the Island.

Do you think the tax benefits are worth the cost? Vote and leave...

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Poll: Is it OK to shop online from work?

Is it OK to shop online while at

(Credit: News 12)

On Cyber Monday -- a workday for most of us -- millions of people go online in search of holiday deals. It's the busiest online shopping day of the year, with the National Retail Federation predicting more than 131 million people will shop online, and research firm comScore predicting sales of $2 billion for the day.

Will you be looking for deals? Will you be doing it on your computer at work?...

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Poll: How much will you spend on holiday gifts?

How much will you spend on holiday gifts

(Credit: Daniel Brennan)

As Long Island's slow recovery from the Great Recession continues, retailers are hoping for a robust holiday spending season.  How do things look from your perspective?  Is your economic situation better or worse than it was last year at this time?  And how will that affect your spending on gifts?

Do you plan to spend more than you did last year, less, or about the same amount?...

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Poll: Do you use apps to find bargains?

Will you use apps to cut through the

These days, there's an app for almost everything. How about bargain hunting? Do you use apps to seek out the best deals on merchandise you plan to purchase? Do you shop with smartphone in hand, checking prices at other retailers?

Let us know if you use apps to find bargains. Vote and leave a comment. (If you do use apps, let us know which ones have worked best for you.)  Results and a...

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Poll: Would you buy a Sandy-damaged house?

Long Island homes hit by flooding caused by

(Credit: Ed Betz, 2012)

Much of Long Island's residential real estate market is showing signs of recovery, with rising prices and shrinking inventory.

But median home prices in South Shore areas hit hard by Sandy have declined, showing buyers are wary.

Would you buy a home that was flooded during Sandy?  What if its foundation was raised, to make it less susceptible to flooding?

Vote and leave a...

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Poll: Has a business you patronized closed because of Sandy?

Sandy-damaged businesses across Long Island waged a major

(Credit: Handout)

A year ago, superstorm Sandy swamped Long Island's South Shore and left many residents and businesses in the dark for more than a week.

Many businesses were back up and running quickly, but others had a tougher road back. Some faced costly physical damage and inadequate insurance and other financing to rebuild. Some faced a different hurdle: Their customer base was gone, because so many nearby...

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Poll: What are you willing to do to save on gas?

Would you buy a more expensive car to

(Credit: AP)

Even though gasoline prices have ticked down in recent weeks, gas still takes a significant bite out of many consumers' budgets.

What would you do to save on fuel costs? Today's car buyers can stay with gasoline-powered vehicles, or choose to spend a little more and buy a fuel-saving model, whether hybrid gasoline-electric, plug-in electric or one of the new clean running diesel-powered cars...

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