Job applicants with advanced computer skills are increasingly hard to find for factories in the state and service businesses in the metropolitan area, according to surveys released Thursday.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said a lack of computer skills was the No. 1 hiring problem identified this month in its polls of employers.

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The bank surveyed about 100 manufacturers throughout the state and about 100 retailers and other service firms on Long Island, in New York City and its northern suburbs.

More than seven in 10 plants reported difficulty in attracting workers with advanced computer skills. More than five in 10 service companies had the same problem. For both groups, job applicants with insufficient computer skills have been the top hiring issue for the past three years.

Among manufacturers, worker punctuality and reliability is a problem, with more than six in 10 saying they are having trouble finding applicants with these attributes. Among service firms, nearly five in 10 said it was difficult to attract applicants with good interpersonal skills.

The median number of days it took to fill a job vacancy in the past year was 21 for factories and 40 for service businesses.

An overwhelming majority of the companies polled said they expected employee salaries to increase in the next 12 months.