Brookhaven Technology Group, a startup in the incubator of a Stony Brook University research center, has won a $1.15 million grant from the Department of Energy to create more cost-effective superconducting cable designs, the university announced Wednesday.

BTG is a tenant of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center.

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Superconducting cable can carry thousands of times more current with less wasted electricity than conventional copper and aluminum wiring used in the power grid.

A Stony Brook spokesman said that BTG is working on a new method to cut the cost of manufacturing superconducting cable.

“Driving down the manufacturing cost of superconducting wire can provide the foundation for the next generation electric power grid worldwide,” said Jim Smith, assistant vice president of economic development at Stony Brook University, sin a statement.

The $1.15 million grant comes from the DOE Small Business Innovative Research program.

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BTG has been a tenant of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center for three years and has previously received DOE grants totaling $2.7 million to develop technologies for use in the field of clean energy.