Medford-based Chembio Diagnostics Inc. says it will be a sponsor of this Sunday’s AIDS Walk New York, the 25th annual staging of the event.

“Not only is Chembio among the walk’s sponsors; company employees will also be participating in this historic walk to raise funds for AIDS research,” the company said in a news release.

Chembio, which produces diagnostic tests, says it is “the only New York-based manufacturer of rapid HIV/AIDS testing products.”

Lawrence Siebert, Chembio's chief executive, said:” “This walk has become a New York tradition, raising money, raising awareness, and raising the spirits of people who are HIV positive and the people who love them. We at Chembio are proud to be a part of it and we invite people of all walks of life to come join us on this historic walk.”
He added, “…Someday, AIDS will be curable -- until that happens, we’ll keep on walking.”

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Chembio markets “point of care” tests, with quickly available results, for use in physicians’ offices, emergency rooms and intensive care units.

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