While summer is about barbecues and the beach, it's also peak season for moving. Love it or hate it, at least cut costs.

Timing counts: Most people move on the weekend; choose a weekday when trucks often go unused; you may get a deal. Avoid moving at month's end, when prices are higher, says Anthony Federico of Liberty Moving & Storage in Commack.

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Bundle: Combine services. For example, look for a carrier that can arrange for cleaning or PC and network assembly and disassembly. Bundling can save hundreds of dollars, compared to hiring separate companies for each, advises Federico.

Declutter: Have a garage sale or sell online. What you don't sell, donate, especially food items that will be welcome at a shelter. "The cost of the move is based on the weight of goods. Get rid of everything you don't need," says Paige Holden, director of communications for Holman Moving Systems in Hackensack, N.J.

Hire right: "People who choose a moving company on price alone may be in for a rough ride. Scam movers give you a low price and tack on additional fees at the end," warns Holman. "If you don't pay the higher bill, they won't release your items." Look for established companies. Ask for an in-home estimate. Since charges are based on weight, the company should physically look at your belongings to get a more accurate price.

Don't miss tax benefits: Talk to your accountant about deducting a portion of your moving expenses from your taxes, says Katie Coleman, an Ameriprise financial adviser in Melville.