Timing is everything. The month or the season when you plunk down cash matters. If you can delay the gratification of having it now, buy off-season for next year, says Aaron Schenkman, a financial adviser with Kuttin-Metis Wealth Management in Melville. So when to buy what?

January/February: Think furniture -- huge sales for Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day, says Melea Johnson, author of "Create Your Own Money-Saving Adventure."

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March/April: March is good for snowblowers -- and it's National Frozen Food Month. "At one supermarket chain, for every $20 to $30 in eligible frozen food purchases, shoppers receive a $5 or $10 voucher for their next purchase," says Kendal Perez of CouponSherpa. com. April is good for boots and winter gear, says Lauren Greutman of Savings.com.

May/June: Buy fitness equipment and a gym membership. "With the weather turning nice, you're likely to find deals," says Jon Lal, founder of BeFrugal.com.

July/August: With wedding season in full swing, Champagne can be a bargain. August is great for school and office supplies -- 50 cent composition books and 10 cent folders.

September/October: Book airfare in early September for the holidays. "Book on Sunday, the new best day to buy," says Perez. September brings deals on cars, as new models come out. Wait until month's end and haggle even more as salespeople try to meet their quarterly numbers. October means winter is near; home sellers in a hurry to sell may drop prices.

November/December: With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, toys, electronics and appliances can be had for a steal.