Attendees at the second presidential debate at Hofstra University next week now have the chance to ask a question worth $15,600.

National fast-food chain Pizza Hut announced Tuesday it would offer "free pizza for life" to an official audience participant in the debate Oct. 16 who asks President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney the age-old question: "Pepperoni or sausage?"

The attendee who asks the question will receive $15,600 from Pizza Hut -- the equivalent of one free pizza, at $10, per week for 30 years, said company spokesman Doug Terfehr.

The debate, which will begin at 9 p.m. in Hofstra's David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, is in the form of a town-hall meeting, where attendees can ask a prescreened question to the candidates.

Pizza Hut is encouraging participants to pose a "two-part question" to Obama and Romney that includes their original question with the pizza topping inquiry as an added second, Terfehr said.

"We're a fun company and we always try to have fun when it comes to inserting ourselves into pop culture," he said.

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Attendees at the Hofstra debate are undecided voters chosen by the Gallup Organization, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates' website. A handful of Hofstra students who won a lottery for seats will also be able to attend.

The exact number of seats available at the debate has yet to be determined. The commission didn't respond to a request for comment.

Pizza Hut isn't the first company to use the election for marketing purposes. Last week, Long Island City-based JetBlue Airways announced its Election Protection campaign. People who sign up and indicate which candidate they're voting for are eligible to win a free trip out of the country if their candidate loses.

For Hofstra participants who are thinking of topping off their political question with "pepperoni or sausage?" -- just heed one caveat: the $15,600 has to be reported to the IRS and taxed.