A Westbury-based manufacturer of generic drugs has established a division in Miami to serve the growing market for nicotine products and smoking-cessation aids, executives said.

PL Developments, which has a factory and office on Cantiague Rock Road, created the subsidiary, NicoGen Pharma Solutions LLC, in Florida, where it already has three facilities.

“Nicotine-alternative products and smoking-cessation aids are in greater demand than ever before, and PLD intends to meet this demand through the commercialization of less harmful nicotine alternatives both in the United States and abroad,” said Evan Singer, president of family-owned PLD.

PLD has been selling nicotine products for several years. In 2014 it signed an agreement with a British company to supply and distribute nicotine chewing gum.

Another subsidiary, Ross Myles Health LLC of Miami, began selling in 2015 a dissolvable tablet that delivers nicotine to smokers when they cannot light up.

Singer said Wednesday Darren Quinn has been hired to run the new subsidiary. Quinn was president of CN Smokeless Co. LLC and CEO of Nordic American Smokeless Inc.

“I look forward to leading the commercialization efforts of an innovative product lineup,” he said.

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PLD supplies generic over-the-counter medicines to big retail chains such as CVS Health, Target Corp. and Costco Wholesale. It was founded in 1988 by Singer’s father, Mitch, who serves as CEO, and the late Mort Rezack.

The company employs 1,100 people in four states, including 650 in Westbury and Farmingdale.