The line between 'money-minded' entertainers and real organic musicians has been drawn. Meet new indie-rockers "Color the Lion", shaking the evil out of the music industry one killer strum at a time.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 13, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona, October 13, 2015 – If there’s one thing Julissa Veloz knows, it’s how to get an audience moving. Having cut her teeth as an American Idol contestant and toured Europe and the U.S. as a hit dance music singer, her powerhouse vocals create kinetic energy. Now, pair that up with thumping beats drummer Kevin Kerr and the driving guitar and bass of Jesse Girardi — hard-rock vets who’ve played with bands the likes of Mudvayne, Nonpoint and In this Moment — and you get a musical palette called Color the Lion.

Their debut ep, 1s & 3s, due out October 13th, features a dose of each member’s musical bloodlines. But at the core of it all, there’s a strong philosophy of making music that’s for the people, positive and enjoyable. According to Veloz, “We took the best parts of pop/dance music…the catchiness and movement…and blended it with the best parts of hard rock…the driving beat, the message and the “raw” feel…to put together the kind of music people can feel good about.”

Yes, there is a philosophy here: That music should feel good, that a song can have a message that isn’t putting anybody down, and that celebrates what makes each person unique. For starters, the cut “Planet Earth” puts its finger firmly on the pulse how a little self-acceptance can help make things right in a world that feels all wrong, all set to a heartbeat rhythm. “Karma” may be a crazy girl, but this cut hypnotizes with its sinuous, curvy melody.

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It is about time that music celebrates fun while challenging some brain cells, and Color the Lion’s debut ep 1s & 3s does just that.

Color the Lion's debut EP is out October 13th, 2015 everywhere music can be purchased.

For more information, contact Julie Veloz at 407-288-2838 or email colorthelion(at)gmail(dot)com.

Color the Lion "1s & 3s" on Itunes

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