The press release came through at around 3:30 p.m. that one of Hauppauge Digital’s TV tuner boards can stream live TV over the Internet to iPads, iPhones, iPod touch and Apple Macintosh.

Trading in the stock suddenly surged from its typical 90,000 share a day level to 1.7 million, mostly within the last half hour of trading.

By the 4 p.m. close, HAUP stock ended at $3.03, up more than twofold over the day’s 92-cent low.
In the press release, Hauppauge said its WinTV Extend can take a live TV signal and send it over the internet to the Apple handheld and Mac screens.

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The news release continued: “With a WinTV-HVR TV tuner and WinTV Extend running on a PC at home, a user of a supported Apple device can be anywhere in the world and can have live TV from their home sent over the Internet to their Apple device screen.”

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