The State University of New York system and two business partners have launched a database aimed at shortening the internship search process for students and companies, the group announced this week.

The Business Council of New York State and Accenture, a Dublin-based professional-services company, are involved in the InternShop venture, which debuted Monday.

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SUNY students can upload their resumes to InternShop, said Zack Hutchins, the council’s director of communications. Companies that are members of the business council let the trade group know what internships they need to fill. The council then runs a search of the student resumes to turn up a list of candidates.

“Companies that have needs to fill will be able to get a list of students who match the needs perfectly,” Hutchins said.

The database, developed by Accenture, is initially limited to SUNY students and council members through the 2016 spring semester. After that it will be expanded statewide to colleges and universities that, like those in the SUNY system, are council members.

The database, which includes a mobile site, can be reached at