Production of maple syrup in New York State reached a 70-year high this year, helping the state retain its status as the nation's second-largest producer, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced Tuesday.

Maple syrup producers, known as sugarmakers, turned out more than 601,000 gallons of the breakfast staple. That surpassed a record set in 2013 and was 10 percent higher than 2014's production level, according to the federal Department of Agriculture.

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Vermont continues to be No. 1 in maple syrup, producing 1.4 million gallons this year. Maine is No. 3.

Most of New York's syrup is made upstate, but Benner's Farm in East Setauket has held sugering events.

Cuomo said Tuesday that maple syrup production declined for decades until farmers began using vacuum-pumping systems in 2008 instead of metal tree taps and hanging buckets. The average tree tap produced about one quart of syrup this year.

The syrup collecting season was 26 days this year due to the harsh winter compared with 40 days in 2013, the last time a production record was set.