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Plantronics K100 CNET rating: 3 stars out of
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Plantronics K100

CNET rating: 3 stars out of 5 (Good)

The good: The Plantronics K100 features a dual-microphone setup that aids in echo cancellation, and a loud, clear internal speaker. A built-in FM transmitter combines with A2DP support to enable the K100 to serve as a Bluetooth-to-FM bridge between a smartphone and a car stereo for audio playback.

The bad: The K100 doesn't have a dialing system or an internal phonebook, so it doesn't play well with phones that don't have voice command systems of their own.

The cost: $49.10 to $91.44

The bottom line: The Plantronics K100 delivers great-sounding, hands-free calling on both ends of the line, and its FM transmitter is a nice bonus when it works, but look elsewhere if your phone is one of the few that don't support voice-activated dialing.

(Credit: CNET/)

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