NAME Quirky Pivot Power Mini

WHAT IT DOES A small power strip that converts a single wall outlet into one that holds two conventional plugs and two USB ports

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COST Retails for $24.99, but can be found for less

WHAT'S HOT Great for when you have limited space and/or outlets or don't have a PC or laptop to recharge USB devices. The heavy-duty construction of the unit's "wings," which accommodate standard plugs, easily support even heavier transformer-style plugs. The electric outlets are grounded for surge protection, while the small power-on (white) light located above the USB ports should not disturb sleepers, but could serve as a tiny night light, especially for travelers. The Mini folds up compactly when not in use: its three-pronged plug folds into the back and the wings fold in and together. Simply throw it into a bag to easily transport it from home to office or on a trip. Available in white.

WHAT'S NOT For maximum access to both of your wall outlets, the Mini should be plugged into the top outlet. Plugging it into the bottom outlet partially blocks the third prong hole of the top outlet. Even so, because of the size and shape of the Mini, you'll only be able to use something with a standard plug head in the bottom outlet when the Mini is plugged in.

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