WHAT IT DOES The app offers pricing, drug information, and discounts on prescription medications.

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COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later; Android with OS 4.0 or later


WHAT’S GOOD Whether you take a prescription drug regularly or temporarily, whether you have insurance or not, GoodRx can be good news. Enter the name of a drug and the app will compare its price at chain pharmacies in your area. For example, azithromycin ranged from $9.80 to $26.18 using a coupon provided by the app. The undiscounted price for the drug at the outlet charging $9.80 is $61, a savings of 84 percent. The app states that once you use a coupon it will remain on file at your pharmacy and can be used for any medication you fill or refill there, though prices and discounts are subject to change. You also can look up medications by medical condition or use the app’s pill identifier by typing in the imprint on a pill, its shape and color.

WHAT’S NOT Because prices are not consistently the lowest at any one pharmacy for every medication, you must do a price comparison for every drug. You may need to shop at more than one pharmacy for the best prices. Coupons can’t be used with insurance or to lower your copay. Depending on the circumstances, it may be beneficial to spend more for a drug through your insurance to have it added to your deductible, rather than paying less outside your plan.

BOTTOM LINE An affordable way to stay healthy.