Guacamelee! video game review: Dead on

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Screengrab depicts gameplay from the video game Screengrab depicts gameplay from the video game "Guacamelee!" by DrinkBox Studios Systems. Photo Credit: Handout

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Guacamelee! is a colorfully humorous game centered almost entirely on the customs surrounding Day of the Dead. It's a simple stylistic conceit that seems so obvious that it's puzzling it hasn't been done with regularity. Players take control of Juan Aguacate, a down-on-his-luck agave farmer with dreams of being a wrestler. He also has a crush on El Presidente's daughter. She's out of his league, at least until she's kidnapped by the evil skeleton Carlos Calaca, and Juan must save her.

RATING E for Everyone

PLOT Save the day (of the dead)

DETAILS PlayStation 3, Vita, $15


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