Saving passwords on Internet browsers makes it easier to access websites without having to remember or enter your information each time you visit. But most of us neglect to keep a record of our passwords. Here’s how to recover them when you need, but can’t remember, them.

Firefox: Open a Firefox page; on the top toolbar click Tools; from the drop menu select Options; in the window that opens, click Security on the left, then click Saved Logins on the right for a list of websites where you have saved passwords. Click Show Passwords on the lower right. When a window opens asking, “Are you sure you wish to show your passwords?” click Yes; on exiting, click Hide Passwords.

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Chrome: Open a Chrome page; in the upper right corner click the Chrome menu (it looks like three stacked horizontal lines); choose Settings; at the bottom of the page, click the Show advanced settings link; scroll down to Passwords and forms and click Manage passwords; in the window that opens, select the website whose password you want to see; click show; on exiting, click Hide.

Neither Internet Explorer nor the latest version of Opera have a similar feature. You can try retrieving their stored passwords with NirSoft’s WebBrowserPassView freeware (