You may have downloaded an audio file and found its icon is a cover image. If you prefer the standard MP3 icon, here is how to remove unwanted images using a Windows computer. (This method also works for MP4 files).

1. There may be hidden image files within the folder holding the audio file. To see the files so you can delete them, go to the folder’s toolbar and select Tools, then select Folder options from the drop list, then select the View tab.

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2. Under Files and folders is a category Hidden files and folders. Click Show hidden files, folders and drives. Unclick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Click yes to the warning window that appears, then click Apply and OK. If there are hidden image files, they should now be visible in the folder and can be deleted. (When done, reclick Hide protected operating system files, Apply and OK.)

3. If the file still shows an image, it is probably embedded within it. Remove it using freeware such as Mp3tag (download at Open the program, go to File and select Change directory. Locate and select the folder the file is in. The folder’s files will import into Mp3tag. Click on the file. If there is an embedded picture, it will show in the image box on the lower left. Right click the image box, select Remove cover and click the floppy disk icon on the top left of the toolbar. The embedded image will be gone.