If your computer isn't already password-coded, here are a few reasons you might want to set up a password: To keep anyone from accessing your information if your laptop is lost or stolen, or to keep your children from using your PC.

1. To set a password for Windows XP or 7, click the start button and select control panel. When control panel opens, click on the "user accounts" link.

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2. Under Make changes to your user account, click on the "create a password for your account" link. Type the password you want to use in the first text window, then confirm it in the next text window. Note: Passwords are case sensitive and must be typed the exact same way every time you log in.

3. In the last text window, you can type a hint to remind you of your password in case you forget it. The hint will be visible every time you log in, so make it something only you'll know. Click "create password," and you're done. Now, every time you start your computer you'll be required to enter the password.