You may use your iPhone 24/7, but hidden within it are little treasures, which can make communication — or other aspects of your life — faster and easier. Here are a few.

1. To give someone your location quickly, tap the Maps icon. After it pinpoints your location, tap the blue flashing dot, and on the screen that opens, tap “Share My Location,” which you can then text or email. The recipient is sent a map and directions on how to proceed from their location.

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2. Have trouble reading small print? Use your iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass. Go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility. Slide the Magnifier button to on. To engage the magnifier, press the Home button three times quickly. Tap the lightning bolt to increase brightness, drag the slider to zoom in, tap the padlock to lock focus and tap the shutter to freeze the picture. Pressing the Home button once releases magnifier mode.

3. Your iPhone can automatically dial an extension as well as a phone number. After entering a contact’s phone number in your directory, tap the +*# (shift) key, then tap “pause” — creating a comma — one or more times and enter the extension. For each pause you entered, iPhone waits two seconds before dialing the extension.