If you don’t want to install Windows 10, but are concerned by its icon prompt in your system tray or that it could download without your permission, there is a simple, free step you can take to deter this.

1. Never10 is a utility that takes advantage of a back door in a Windows update released in July 2015 to check whether Windows 10 is enabled on your PC. If enabled, Never10 will allow you to disable both prompts to install it or its direct installation.

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2. Go to grc.com/never10.htm. You can read about how the application works with Windows 7 or 8.1. Scroll to the center of the page to download it. A binary file, it works as a stand-alone and doesn’t require installation and contains no adware, viruses or malware. Double click on Never10 to activate it. If you do not have the Windows update from 2015 that it needs to run, the utility will prompt you to download it.

3. If you do have it, Never10 will instantly tell you whether the Windows 10 update is engaged. If it is, you can disable it with one click. The icon prompt in your system tray should disappear after you restart your computer. If you change your mind, you can re-enable the Windows 10 update using Never10.