Ubisoft has announced their next rendition of the Prince of Persia series. With the movie set to release in 2010 looks like the game is taking a turn for the worse. Is this the work of Hollywood affecting the evolution of gaming?

In the 2008 version of the game the developers took a interesting approach to the graphic style of the game which added depth and a uniqueness that made the game a visually epic title. Although the mechanics and views could be sometimes awkward, overall the game had the depth and interest it needed to make it a play-worthy title.

With the new version of the game scraping this evolution of the game entirely, game fans that enjoyed the unique visuals of the 2008 title will have to take a step into the mundane with The Forgotten Sands.

The interesting illustrative style has been taken back to the basic CGI that can be seen on many existing titles. In a seemingly ubiquitous approach, Ubisoft developers seem excited for this back track in graphical expression in game design. I stand to be corrected on my comments with playable demos TBA, but with a love for the previous Price of Persia title, anyone who loved the originality will be sadly disappointed with the preview trailer for this game.

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