In Rime, players explore a beautifully realized island. Swim a bit beyond the shore in the beginning of the game and you’ll see an unidentifiable person wrapped in a red cloak standing on a high rock jutting out of the water. The mysterious figure acts as a through-line for the game, which contains no dialogue. Rather, the emotional texture of Rime’s bare-bones plot is conveyed primarily through incidents and environmental details. Ascend a gleaming marble staircase, and you might notice murals on either side — one of a distressed man with a crown on his head, and another of a boy in a red cape cradling his head in his hands. Though it lacks hack-and-slash combat, Rime is a puzzle-adventure game similar to The Legend of Zelda. At its core, Rime is an opportunity to roam around a beautiful environment and work through its strange logic.

— The Washington Post